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GPDE5641A: Blueprints for a Collaborative Community of Learners  (1 cr.)
Do you want your students to be motivated to be a part of your learning community? Do you want to be eager to go to work each day? Do you believe that partnering with families is critical to student success? This course explores the many aspects of creating a successful, joyful learning community. You will prepare yourself for the school year by creating a detailed plan for building a collaborative learning community with your students, reflect on how your classroom environment supports students' developmental needs while matching your style, examining the rules and procedures needed to have a smooth-running classroom, and designing a two-way communication system with families.
Location: Saint Paul Federation of Teachers Offices   Map it
Room Number: Red Room
Instructor(s): Sarah Johnson
Additional Fee:
Required Text: Yardsticks: Children in the Classroom Age 4-14, Wood, C., ISBN 978892989192; and Parents and Teachers Working Together, Davis, C. and Yang, A., ISBN-13: 9781892989154
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