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GPDE6047B: PBS: Building Academic Success on Social and Emotional Learning  (3 cr.)
This book study course will introduce teachers to social-emotional learning (SEL) and the relationship between this topic and school success.  Research demonstrates the effectiveness of SEL programs to lower the risk of various problems young people face, and that by learning SEL skills students increase their ability to address life’s challenges. The reading helps teachers to understand the benefits of  SEL which include student focus and motivation, improving relationships, and increasing student confidence and success. The book provides interventions that enhance student learning. It will help teachers to give students essential tools to succeed. We now know that academic learning has much to do with one’s emotions and social environment.
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Instructor(s): Jeanine Gelhaus
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Required Text: Zins, J. and Weissberg, P. (2004). Building Academic Success on Social and Emotional Learning. Teachers College Press ISBN: 978-0-8077-4439-0
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