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GPDE Program Policies


The grade in a course represents the degree to which the student learning objectives have been demonstrated by the student. Factors other than those in the student learning objectives and/or about which instruction has not been provided as part of the course may not be considered in the calculation of the grade. Academic and professional performance issues that are not in the course objectives may be communicated to the students through means other than the course grade.

Instructors assign letter grades based on student performance. The manner of grading for each course, including the means by which final grades will be determined, is documented in each course syllabus. Pluses and minuses are not part of the official grading system and are not figured into a student's grade point average. See the Academic Policies

Students receiving a NC, X or W grade may still be liable for paying tuition, and these grades may affect your GPA. Please see the Tuition Refund Policy

You can now order transcripts online through the National Student Clearinghouse, a secure and confidential website. Transcripts can be sent directly to you or a third party by US mail or electronically through a secure PDF. Each transcript is $3.00, payable by credit or debit card. Additional features of online ordering include order tracking, updates, and transcript request history. Follow this link to order your transcripts: www.Studentclearinghouse.org

On the Student Clearinghouse site, click on the "Order-Track-Verify" tab to begin. Choose Saint Mary's University of Minnesota as your school. Click Submit. Go to the bottom of this page, and click START. Follow the prompts.

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