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Cost and How to View and Register for Courses

Phone 877-218-4755
On-line at gpde.smumn.edu
Fax 507-457-6624
Mail to Saint Mary's University, 700 Terrace Heights #74, Winona, MN 55987

Cost for most GPDE courses is $275 per graduate credit.

You do not need to log in to register for these courses - just click on the Course Catalog tab on the upper right side of the red tool bar. You can then sort the courses by any column. By clicking on any given course number, you will get a description of the course and the option to Register Now.

Registration is quick and easy and only takes about a minute. Anyone needing a graduate level course can take these courses, regardless if you are a student at Saint Mary's University or not. There is also no acceptance process required to take these courses. You will be billed for your course at a later date and payment will not be due until the 15th of the following month the course starts.

Feel free to call our office at 877-218-4755 if you have additional questions. We can even take your registration over the phone. If you would like us to send you a hard copy summer catalog, just let us know.

For non-degree seeking students, if you do not pay in full prior to the start of a class, you will receive a hard copy billing statement after the 21st of the month, which will be due by the 15th of the following month. Check or money order is accepted. Learners who are accepted into a degree program will see the charge on their Webtools account, and will receive an email at their SMU address when payment is due.

To change course registration, please call the Graduate Professional Development for Educators Program Office at (877)218-4755 or email your requests to gpde@smumn.edu.

If you are part of a degree program at Saint Mary's University, do not add or drop courses via Webtools; contact the GPDE Program Office by phone or e-mail.

An email confirmation will be sent for to those who register on the GPDE website.

All course offerings listed in this schedule are subject to change. Saint Mary's University reserves the right to add or delete courses from this printed schedule at its discretion.

Students in graduate programs at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota should consult their advisors as to the transferability of credits.

Visit our website at gpde.smumn.edu for most-current information.

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